Lisa A Skeels

Lisa A Skeels

One Peaceful Birth


Lisa A Skeels

One Peaceful Birth

Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator (HypnoBirthing), Birth Photographer

Lisa Skeels is a wife, mom, and nana whose favorite thing in the world is to be with her family. She enjoys bowling, playing tennis, and golf with her husband, Brad. She also enjoys music, books, and crafts of all kinds.

Lisa earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University in Boca Raton, Florida. She has been a Gold Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner since 2013. She has been providing services as a Birth Doula and Labor Companion since early, 2014 – earning her certification in May, 2015.

I first heard about HypnoBirthing® in 2012 from my daughter when she asked me to be her labor companion and to share in her birth experience. I was so impressed, not only with the theory behind HypnoBirthing® but also with the experience of learning the techniques. After the birth of my grandson via HypnoBirthing® in 2012, I became a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner. When my first HB couples starting birthing their babies, I started volunteering as a birth doula. With my very first birth, I knew I was where I never knew I was always supposed to be! About that time, The HypnoBirthing Institute started certifying doulas. I was so excited! I feel, in combination with my education in alternative medicine, I could be an integral part of one of the most important times in your life! I am so excited about the opportunity to be a part of your birth experience! — Lisa


One Peaceful Birth

First Aid, CPR, AED for adults, children, & infants – American Red Cross, May 2015

Bradley Childbirth Method – Andrea Lovvorn, Apr 2015

Breastfeeding for Doulas – BEC, Mar 2015

Advanced Comfort Measures – BEC, Mar 2015

VBAC for Doulas- BEC, Feb 2015

Doula 102, 103, 104a – Birth Education Center, Jan/Mar 2015

Rebozo: The Gena Kirby Method, Sept 2014

HypnoBirthing Professional Doula training, Sept 2014

HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method Practitioner Training, Feb 2013

Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner – HBCE, Feb 2013

Bachelor of Science, Alternative Medicine – Everglades University, July 2013

Certified HypnoBirthing Professional Doula, CD (HBI), May 2015

Certified First Aid/CPR/AED, American Red Cross, May 2015