Did you know that women who have breastfeeding support are more likely to breastfeed through the first year? Something as simple as attending a class during pregnancy makes a difference, but hands-on postpartum support may make even more!

A certified breastfeeding counselor or educator (CLC, CLEC, CBS are common acronyms for those with certifications) will have completed 40+ hours of lactation support training and can help with basic concerns, referring out to an IBCLC when an issue is out of their scope.

An IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) has completed a minimum of 90 training hours, additional college/university courses, and has 1000+ hours of experience supporting breastfeeding mothers. (There are a couple other pathways, but this is the most common.) And IBCLC can assist with more complex issues, including diagnosing tongue ties and addressing growth issues.

Always seek breastfeeding support at the first sign of concern, whether that be a personal concern or that of your child’s medical care provider. Riverside County offers a free in-home IBCLC visit – Kari Spoelstra’s profile includes contact information.