Adding a new member to your family is a time of joy, excitement, and a whole new world of questions!  Temecula Valley Birth Network is here to help new parents transition into familyhood more smoothly by providing information about and access to the many birth professionals in the area who can help.

Many of us didn’t even know about all of the resources available during pregnancy and beyond – Who knew that acupuncture or chiropractic care could affect births for the better? That seeing a maternal mental health professional could make all the difference in decreasing that new-found anxiety? That a birth doula could significantly decrease cesarean rates, and that a postpartum doula could increase breastfeeding success while also providing foot massages? There are so many professionals available to help parents settle into their roles more easily.

Please explore our directory of birth professionals to find out more about how to make your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period even more amazing!